Key to Success in Modern Society

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The key to success is simple, which is to stay alive before success. Work can bring success but could not go on after death unless death itself is a success. If a man lived 800 years, he should be an extraordinary historian, at least himself should be a living history textbook. Those who commit suicide give up their essential opportunities to success that are so stupid!

Unfortunately, life is limited, which means sufficient achievement will drive success that should be made during one’s life. Vincent Van Gogh is dead. Although nearly nothing of his oeuvre was sold during his 38-year life, his paintings always hold the top seats of auction nowadays. So if one always work toward distant goals, the success is coming even though it may be too late. Perhaps the next Van Gogh will be born.

But in modern society, house price is keeping on rising and the ratio of men to woman is always quite high. Life is hard and marriage is not easy. Keeping alive, all men are candidates of successful people.


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